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About me

**About Manuela Kelley**

Welcome! I am Manuela Kelley, a master hairdresser and cosmetician since 1996, as well as an expert in permanent make-up and multiple world champion in Polynesian tattoo art. My commitment to beauty and art is reflected in my work, which I have been doing both at Elite Liner Permanent Make-up and as a Polynesian tattoo artist since 1994.

In addition, I am a detox coach, burn out coach, horse trainer and master at the Elite Liner Academy, where I regularly train new PMU artists in this art.

**Elite Liner Permanent Makeup:**

As the founder of Elite Liner Permanent Make-up, I am proud to offer our customers professional and long-lasting solutions that enhance their natural beauty. Using high-quality products and individual advice, we create perfectly defined eyebrows, lip contours and eyeliner.

We are also happy to offer scalp pigmentation, nipple and areola reconstructions, scar coverings and other cosmetic procedures.

Of course, I also improve poorly done or old PMUs or remove them with remover.

**Polynesian Tattoo Art:**

I discovered my love for Polynesian tattoo art during my travels and through my intensive study of the cultural background of this fascinating art form. As a Polynesian tattoo artist and multiple world champion in this tattoo style, I combine traditional motifs and modern techniques to create unique and meaningful tattoos. Each of my works tells the story of the customer and carries the powerful symbolism of Polynesian culture.

Website: []( )


Since 1999 I have also been offering body piercings of all kinds, with titanium jewelry. I am happy to advise you on this as well.

**My goal:**

Both at Elite Liner Permanent Make-up and in my work as a Polynesian tattoo artist, I strive to bring out the individual beauty of my clients. With a high level of professionalism, creativity and passion for my craft, I strive to provide each of my clients with a positive experience and unique results.

I look forward to helping you enhance your beauty or tell your personal story through Polynesian art.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an appointment or provide further information.

Manuela Kelley

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